1. I Worn My Elbows Evie Waddell 2:01
  2. Piuthrag Olc Evie Waddell 3:51
  3. Puirt Evie Wadell 2:54
  4. The Last Leviathan Evie Waddell 4:44
  5. Uamh an Oir Evie Waddell 4:04

The songs on this EP have been strong favourites over the isolating pandemic years. Having more time and space to reflect on what is important many of us have discovered what we really need from each other including the need for people to pull together to try to change things for the better.
Evie Waddell’s debut EP ‘LEVIATHAN’ refers to the idea of a society that is organised for the common good as in Thomas Hobbes’ political treatise. The track ‘The Last Leviathan’ by Andy Barnes was a particular inspiration with its passionate plea to act now against species extinction.
Working alone has really developed my interest in a paired back sound, not least because I am deaf and it’s often easier to focus on, so it was important for me to find songs that would work well in this way. I think this approach has also helped to showcase the quality of the songs themselves, as well as the importance of their stories in a clear way, unaccompanied like traditional songs in the past.

Two of the songs are in my theatre show Failte Gu BSL and I thought I’d give a little taste of that.

It was an interesting process, as I hadn’t worked closely with a sound engineer before and it really helped that Keir Long was considerate of my deafness in the studio and I learned a lot about what works for me.

I received support and advice from my long-time teacher Jo Miller who really helped and her son Neil Sutcliffe was great in the studio, accompanying me with such reflective sensitivity.

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Release Date : 20 January 2023
Catalog ref. : TBS11
Format : Digital Download