The visual EP offers an immersive audio-visual experience. The three distinct Gaelic tracks aim to be a focus for the Deaf community to connect with Gaelic and Scottish identity and heritage. These connections are often quite focussed on sounds/tunes which are inaccessible to D/deaf people. Whilst the visual aspects of the EP ‘playfully ‘complement and enhance the auditory experience for all audiences, by incorporating elements specifically tailored to the Deaf experience, such as sign language, movement and dance, this project aims to foster a deeper sense of cultural belonging and inclusion.

“Cailleach Mhor Staighlaidh”: is an intimate collaboration with Icelandic drummer/instrumentalist Signy Jakobsdottir. It focusses technically on an exploration, deconstruction and reworking of puirt a beul (mouth music) by reconstructing the use of vocables combined with percussion and step dance to create a whole new form of expression which melds British Sign Language, vibration and rhythmic dialogue together to make a new traditional form which is more accessible also to deaf people.

“Fios no Fois”: a self-penned Gaelic song written as an exploration of Evie’s personal experience of sound, in collaboration with sound engineer Keir Long. The piece was created as part of a creative exploration of elements such as distortion, the significance or vibration, register and technological engineering of penetrating sounds/instruments. The song and accompanying choreography also capture some of the confusions of deaf experience as well as the defiance to express oneself. ‘Fios no Fois’ does not translate well: “Information or Relaxation”, describing the choices a deaf person often has, either straining constantly to hear what is being said, or choosing not to and gaining more relaxation). It is also a call to political action/advocacy/awareness. It was written as part of a writing workshop, Bothan an Oran by MaryAnn Kennedy.

“Chan eil”: is a self-penned song that is a rebellious mix of the frivolous and the serious with traditional fiddle and guitar and a very catchy chorus that invites participation and inspires movement. The video, featuring vivid textures and costumes, portrays an eclectic mix of moods that women don’t often feel they can express including anger and wildness, as Evie and her dance collaborator Fran Till say ‘no’ to typical expectations and ‘take up space’ in an atypical (for the Trad world) explosion of playful funk dance, to this Gaelic alternative/modern/urban sound.



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Release Date : 16 February 2024
Catalog ref. : TBS16
Format : CD